DATE: September 17 – 22

This application should be completed and agreed on by both parties, as it will become a temporary union to evaluate your participation in BARCÚ, Bogotá Art and Culture.

This name will appear in all promotional materials of BARCÚ and in the ledge of your Stand

Attach the Certificate of Incorporation and Legal Representation of the gallery in a PDF file

It is indispensable to mention the year when the gallery opened, profile and recent exhibitions..

Number of people from the gallery that will be attending BARCÚ 2019


BARCÚ takes place in colonial houses whose spaces are defined by the architecture of the house. Hence, you must mention which one of the following ranges of area you will need for your stand and upon acceptance of your application we will send you a plane designed for your gallery.

Select the stand.

Write here any observations you may have about the stand.

Artists proposed in BARCÚ 2019*

PDF file with the ARTISTS AND WORKS PROPOSED FOR BARCÚ 2019. INCLUDE: Name, nacionality, date of birth, images of the works (name, technique, dimensions and year), and short review of the artist. (Max filesize 8MB)

DEPOSIT: This application requires a US$100 deposit and it must be made through the PayU button

Accept the terms and conditions.
See terms and conditions.

CONTACT: Please contact to, cel 3205706433 to resolve any question.