SPOTLIGHTS 2019 – Application form

Spotlights Barcú is a career boosting platform for independent artists.

Opening 2nd April / Closing 24th May

Contact +57 310-3434888

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Artists willing to participate must fulfill the following requirements.

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Artistic Proposal

The artistic proposal musn't exceed 2 years of creation

Detailed description of your artistic proposal. (Max 220 words)

Max 15MB. Each art piece uploaded must contain a spec sheet (Title, technique, dimensions (height cm x Width cm x Depth cm), year of creation).

Video's link (Audiovisual proposals only)
Artistic proposal's detailed description of the assembly. (Max 220 words)
Artistic proposal's special conditions (Lighting, Roof, electric points, etc.) (Max 100 words)

Spotlights Barcú Museum

In the process of support of out artists we have created the SPOTLIGHTS BARCÚ Museum. A museum that celebrates the participation and history of each one of them in Barcú

This museum is powered by the talent and support of our artists by the donation of a representative art piece of the artistic proposal they present on Barcú.

The art piece donated must be representative of the artistic proposal presented on Barcú 2019

Once the artist is selected to be part of Spotlights 2019, Barcú will choose the piece of the artistic proposal to be donated.

The art piece donated will be exhibited during Barcú 2019 with the hallmark of the SPOTLIGHTS BARCÚ Museum.

See terms and conditions

Applications sent with incomplete information or outside the established requirements will be automatically rejected.