Karim Borja – L’envol

$4,560,000 COP

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Photography, just as painting, permits me to question the spectator’s sensibility; it establishes a link that makes visible what is unexplainable, as the sensations which are built in the imagination. The idea of the subject takes form through the photographic ensemble that makes itself present in the unconscious as a subliminal message interrogating us about our perception of the world.. My objective is not to display a banal photography; I pretend to give and interpretative vision, or maybe a more complex and suggestive close reality. The images’ conglomeration, re-composition and juxtaposition, which I carry out in all my works, give intensity and highlight to the narrative and interpretative strength of the work of art.

Dimensiones: 0.80 X 0.80

Precio en Dólares: $1200 USD

Año: 2016

Técnica: Photography printing pigmented ink on canvas